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Americans, your Postal Service needs you.  How many times have you received mail that brought you joy? Remember the pleasure of receiving a letter from a relative or friend; remember receiving a ‘Thinking of You’ card, or Holiday cards. Through rain or snow or hot sunny days, your Postal Service man has made his rounds… placed your mail in your box. He/she has walked many a mile back and forth over sidewalks both smooth and rough; they have drove carefully up to your roadside box and left your mail and carefully closed the lid.  They have delivered your important mail and your bills and your beloved letters and your Valentines.

When buying stamps or mailing packages, they have stood behind their counters and patiently answered questions and carefully directed your mail to the right direction. You sometimes stand in line but remember they are standing also… for your benefit.

Our Postal Service system has been the best in the world. It was created as a separate unit of our government… meaning that it had to maintain its own system. It had to make enough money to pay all its own expenses. It is not supplemented by your tax money. Your letters and packages keep the system going…..  don’t let them down.

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“The Postal Service, an independent agency of government, does not receive tax money for its day-to-day operations but is subject to congressional control.

The Senate passed a postal bill in April that would have provided financial relief in part by reducing the annual health payments and providing an $11 billion cash infusion, basically a refund of overpayments the Postal Service made to a federal pension fund. The House, however, remains stalled over a separate bill that would allow for aggressive cuts, including an immediate end to Saturday delivery.

It remains unclear whether House leadership would take up the postal bill in its lame-duck session, due in part to resistance from rural lawmakers about the impact of closures in their communities. While urging quick congressional action, the Postal Service in its legal filings on Thursday assumed a 2013 financial outlook in which Congress fails to act on any legislation, acknowledging the political uncertainty of the situation.”

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I am a Christian, raised as a Lutheran…  tempered with age and internal questions.  Many religions believe in one God but worshiped through a different ‘name’ and they use procedures, rules, and traditions that are strange to me. Strange in a way that I just was not taught their way, it is not strange to them. Some people do not believe in any God. Some people pretend to believe, but do not; it is a political  or social convenience for them. Long ago, some people believed in many gods…some thought that the sky,  earth, fire, and the seas were alive with  desires and revenge. Humans recognized a need for God; animals did not. Why is that?

Ghosts or the visiting dead were feared, revered, and written about all through the history of mankind. Why?

If you believe in God, then you know you have a soul. Have you seen one? If you have, then you know that it is almost taboo to speak of it except in a joking manner. Isn’t that strange? Why is that?

Many religions believe that souls do not visit the mortal earth after their host body has expired; a soul that is seen is considered a ‘demon’. So who wants their beloved mother, father, child, brother, sister, friend, husband, wife to be considered a ‘demon’ or a restless spirit?  Everyone is supposed to go  to heaven or hell or to limbo or to a deep sleep that will awaken when called by God.  I don’t know where we go; I believe no one really knows.  No one church is completely right or wrong; we are still learning about our universe and God. We need to listen.

I know my mother came to see me several times after she physically died. She was not a demon; she was not restless; she was just visiting and smiling and trying to tell me something. We do have souls; they do visit sometimes. God is real. I do not understand why some things are allowed to happen. I do know that miracles do occur and some times prayers are answered and sometimes it happens immediately. And sometimes is takes time. I don’t know why children are murdered. I ask, ‘Why’?  Why are so many starving and others allowed to steal and destroy?

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Eye Energy

I just read an article about direct eye contact and the significance of  it in relation to humans. We all know about being in love and being angry; two special emotions that involve specific eye contact. We definitely understand the feelings conveyed by those eye-to-eye meetings. What about talking to a friend or stranger or doctor or cashier or any number of day to day normal meetings. So many times, I have noticed that the person talking to me, whether it is just a ‘hello’ or a ‘thank you’, is not looking at me… they are looking vaguely around my shape or something.  Gives me a ‘not here’ feeling , and sometimes a mist of irritation rises from my chest , or a  bored disconnected  animosity toward the person.

I do it also. When I feel out of sorts or just in a daze with my own worries, I noticed that I  blank out my ‘seeing’ when confronting another with  polite day to day  expectations.  The action encloses me in a lonely shell and creates more discomfort within myself.  I don’t like myself then.

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I’m mostly from Virginia; now I’m planted in Florida. Sometimes the missing of Virginia is overwhelming and brings about grief with the oddest memories. Don’t get me wrong, Florida is special  and I do appreciate it’s beauty and warmth, especially in winter months. The people here are as varied as the palm trees. Ever seen a pineapple palm? Yes, it looks like a huge pineapple form. Everything  is in hues of green and more green with bright spots of reds, blues, whites, and orange. Lots of greens.  The yellow is lacking, at least where I look. I miss yellow. Yellow daffodils, yellow roses, yellow Scotch Blooms, and mostly that weed called the ‘dandylion’.

Spring time in Virginia is yellow. Ohhh, I miss it. And I sit here and wish I had not murdered all those deep yellow brave dandylions with their deep gold slightly curled petal blooms that fought so consistently to make a home in my back yard.

When spring spoke to the earth, the little ‘lions’ answered with vigor. Green soft leaves stretched toward the sun and then decided to match the sun’s beauty with a many petaled golden yellow bloom that could stop your heart beat when seen in a field aglow with them.

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How does a Martian fit in with this blog?    LOL   One slipped into my book,  A Ghostly Revenge.  Yes, Martians had souls also.  You have to wonder, if God created our Earth and other worlds,  why would he  only honor us with souls?  I believe we were not the first or the last in the creative force of this universe.  At the rate we are going, we may very well be the recorded as the active world with the shortest life-span.  Death due to our ignorance and greed.

Back to my subject. I just read about giants that may have lived, in various areas, on our Earth.

We  (not me or you , but another separate  part of us) also discovered strange stone ‘writings’  with some of the skeletons of these giants.  Could these large aliens have come from Mars? Why not? If Mars was expecting a world destroying disaster , wouldn’t they try to escape?  Did a few brave souls make it to our very early Earth?

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